Tuesday, 16 February 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Death and Dishonour - Ed. Nick Kyme, Lindsey Priestley, Alex Davis


The Warhammer world is filled with great heroes, and defined by honour and survival against the odds. But sometimes these values are overridden, and death and dishonour prevail. This collection contains nine new stories featuring some of Warhammer's most legendary heroes including Gotrek and Felix, Florin and Lorenzo and Brunner the Bounty Hunter.


A series of short stories from some of the best talent that Black Library has to offer and if we’re going to be honest here a tale for every fan of the Warhammer world. Its got some light-heartedness, its got some true grit and its got all the combat a fantasy fan could demand. Plus for the price of a normal paperback novel you get a lot of talent for your money. A great item for the reader and a great product for the fans which only goes to prove that it’s a format that more publishers should look into.

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