Friday, 5 February 2010

MISC REVIEW (CRIME) : Breaking Point - John Macken


There is a killer loose on the London Underground. He kills without leaving any forensic trace, and seemingly without motive. Genecrime, the UK's elite forensic unit, are stretched to the limits trying to find one usable clue. And there is another problem facing Genecrime. Before he was sacked as head of the unit, Reuben Maitland developed a system to predict latent homicidal behaviour from people's DNA. Now rogue elements in the police, believing that prevention is better than cure, are using Reuben's research to hunt down and incite latent psychopaths beyond their breaking point. Reuben must track down whoever is misusing his technology and stop them before more lives are destroyed. But what he cannot know is that his investigation will lead him directly into the path of the Underground killer.


Readers of the crime genre love a great deal of different themes within the titles that they read. What makes this one a bit different is that its more on the science end of the genre with some credible and easily accepted information in regard to the human genome. Well written with suspicion laid at every door as the paranoid principle protagonist doesn’t know who to trust and who is out to get him making this a twisted tale that will keep many a reader guessing to the last minute. Different from a great many crime novels out there its worth noting that you always get something different from John and in this, the third book in the series, he takes it to a new extreme.

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