Monday, 22 February 2010

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Blood Angel's: Black Tide - James Swallow


Having prevented the ferocious Bloodfiends from bringing disaster to their homeworld of Baal, the Blood Angels go in search of the renegade who almost destroyed them - Fabius Bile. Tracking the Chaos traitor down to his secret base on Dynikas V, a world beset by alien tyranids, the Blood Angels find horrors more terrible than even they can imagine. The Blood Angels must retrieve the stolen sample of their primarch's blood before Fabius Bile can bring his evil schemes to fruition.


Action is the key word of the day within this offering from James Swallow, the latest (book 4) in the Blood Angels series. Within is a gory, bloody and above all hard fought mission as the Blood Angels seek to return a vial of Sanguinus’ blood that has been stolen by Fabius Bile.. Its well written, it has high octane action but above all it’s the characters that keep you glued to the sometimes pretty outlandish plot. Whilst you can read this without having read the previous instalments you’ll have missed a lot of the unit bonding, a lot of the character growth and above all the chance to get to know the in’s and outs of the overall arc which means that you wouldn’t get the most out of this offering. So do yourself a favour and start at the beginning. You’ll love the way that James’ Blood Angel Epic unfurls.

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