Monday, 8 February 2010

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Dark Creed - Anthony Reynolds


Dark Apostle Marduk face challenges from within his own Legion as he wages war with the White Consuls Space Marine Chapter. Harnessing the power of the Nexus Arrangement, a powerful necron device, Marduk can turn the tide in the Word Bearers' favour. But just as the White Consuls are on the verge of defeat an old enemy returns to throw the entire dark crusade into ruin. If Marduk is to survive and fulfill his ambition, he must defy an onslaught from the necrons, the White Consuls and his own legion.


Whilst many novels out there fight for the side of good, Anthony’s current series seeks out the darker aspects and demonstrates why the bad guys have more fun. Not only do you have them fighting the good (or in this case bad) fight, but you get to understand their moralistic point of view which whilst differing from the rest of mankind proves that they have their own creed and code. A cracking offering from this author of the macabre with top notch combat and a sense of personal paranoia alongside the driven goal of personal gain make this a different type of novel for the 40k Fan but one that many will come to love.

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