Wednesday, 24 February 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: My Dead Body - Charlie Huston


As the concluding volume of this highly acclaimed series opens, Joe has spent a year splashing around in the city's sewer system, protecting the perimeters of the ground on which his love, Evie, now lives. Above ground, Manhattan's Vampyre clans have at last abandoned any claims on civility and have finally sprung fully for each others' throats. But as Vampyre civil war rages, Joe is tracked down by an old acquaintance and pulled back to the surface. At last, the many questions that have driven him will be put to rest - and the many friends and foes who have defined his world will either be put in the ground or will claw their way to survival. The carefully maintained peace is forgotten. When the stakes are this high, there can be no neutrality - only winners and losers. But when the blood stops flowing, what side will Joe Pitt be on?


The fifth and final novel in the Joe Pitt series and one that I was pretty sad to finish. As a huge fan of Charlie’s Pitt series its been a real roller coaster of a ride and one that really goes to bring the best of Film Noir into the Urban Fantasy genre. What perhaps made this even harder to finish was the way that the novel really didn’t feel like it lasted any time upon my commencement of the first page. That by the way can be construed as a good thing as Joe’s writing really does hook you in and keep you there for a guaranteed late night. Whilst you could start your journey with Charlie here, you really will have missed out on a hell of a lot of back story as well as the chance to get to know Joe as well as many of the fans have. Personally, I’d advise you to start at the beginning as I did again for the full pleasure of series.

Well written with great character scope alongside growth and you’re going to have a real treat with a Charlie Huston novel, plus any author that makes it a must have for a guilt free reread of a series prior to commencement of the final piece really does deserve the readers respect.

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