Thursday, 25 February 2010

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Don't Be Afraid Little Pip - Jane Chapman, Karma Wilson


Nothing scares Little Pip more than the thought of swimming in the deep dark ocean - she would much rather learn to fly just like other birds do. But soon it comes time for all the young penguins to learn how to swim, and while Little Pip might not be able to fly the way she wants to, she discovers she can soar in ways she never thought possible.


Books for the soon to be next generation of readers always have to have some sort of element to not only attract the reader but also to give them the gift that will last a lifetime. What Karma and Jane bring together in this second book in the Little Pip series is a story that encourages bravery, a journey of discovery and above all, that happy ending that makes the book a wonderful thing to give as a gift. Definitely something for the reader to enjoy and a tale so beautifully illustrated it will jump off the page and into the imagination and remain there for future retellings.

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