Thursday, 19 May 2011


Release Date: 18/02/11


This book examines some of the most spectacular ancient monuments in Britain: the iron age brochs of north and west Scotland. It places the building of these unique fortifications in context and examines some of the impressive sites that may still be visited, including the brochs of Mousa and Clickhimin in Shetland and Carloway on Lewis. There is a short section on what brochs are not – including ‘Pictish’ towers. A select gazetteer of some of the most important brochs is followed by a list of museums in which representative artefacts are preserved.


The unusual as well as fascinating derelict towers dotted around Scotland have long held the curious in thrall for centuries. Yet very little research has really gone into them leaving the modern viewer with more than a few questions as to the origins as well as practical application to their structure. What this book reveals is the uses of these ancient fortifications as well as clearly demonstrating the defensive as well as building skills required by the ancients in their constructions. Its fascinating, it’s a real delve into the curio of these constructs and a wonderful look into a past that is restricted to the highlands rather than all over the UK. A great addition and with the use of illustrations, diagrams and of course a little common sense make use of these ancient constructs.

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Angela Addams said...

This looks really interesting - maybe a good birthday present for my husband.