Tuesday, 17 May 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Clockwork Vampires 3: Vampire Warlords - Andy Remic

Release Date: 05/05/11


Legendary warrior Kell must choose to flee the conquered land of Falanor, or fight for its people in this triumphant conclusion to the epic Clockwork Vampire Chronicles!


To be blunt I wasn’t a fan of Andy’s first Clockwork Vampire tale (Kell’s Legend) and whilst I did enjoy the second outing I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to get from the third. Yes I expected hard combat, with Howardesque blood and guts everywhere, yes I expected harsh language and also a whole host of villains to be minced and I also expected a kick ass overall plot to keep me glued to the last page through the viscera.

What I actually got was a tale that continued the bloody no quarter asked or given war against the Vamp Warlords (who’ve now been released) with various factions coming through, how they’re going to interact once the threat is over is anyone’s guess but there is a whole host of options open to Andy. Finally add to this solid combative prose in a spartaneque writing style and it’s a title that will pretty much tick the boxes for all fans of his writing.

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