Saturday, 14 May 2011

URBAN FANTASY CRIME REVIEW: Dog Faced Gods 2: The Shadow of the Soul - Sarah Pinborough

Release Date: 21/04/11


DI Cass Jones is still dealing with the fallout of uncovering a major conspiracy within his own police station when a terrorist attack rocks London and he finds himself called on to help with the investigation. At the same time he has his own investigation to worry about: young people are dying, apparently committing suicide - and they're all linked by the phrase Chaos in the Darkness, scrawled or sent as their last message to the world. Then he's given a note from his dead brother Christian, written before his murder: the three words - 'They took Luke' - opens up a whole new can of worms, because Cass knows immediately who They are: Mr Bright and the shadowy Network. His dead brother has set him a task from beyond the grave - to find the baby, his nephew, stolen at birth. And as Cass tries to divide his time between all three investigations, it's not long before he discovers links, where there should not be. The mysterious Mr Bright is once again pulling his strings, and there's nothing DI Cass Jones hate more ...


Sarah’s second outing in her Dog Faced Gods series and one that is swiftly proving that no matter how well you think you know the world there’s always someone somewhere who seek to undermine you. It’s cleverly done, the lead character with his almost supernatural gift for detection is a dream lead protagonist and when you back it up with some great twists as well as some cleverly manipulated events, it has an almost organic feel to its development.

Finally add some solid prose, a great sense of pace and it’s a series that really does deserve your attention. A real find and one that I hope you’ll let others know about.

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