Monday, 9 May 2011

URBAN FANTASY THRILLER REVIEW: The King of Plagues - Jonathan Maberry

Release Date: 21/04/11


Joe Ledger, ex-cop and now special forces killer must lead his elite team against a criminal mastermind who threatens to unleash a super plague that could wipe out humanity. Third in the series of all-action spec-ops adventure thrillers - Andy McNab meets 24. Frenetic pacing, thrill-a-minute adventure, breath-taking and realistic (author us a seventh Dan Karate black belt) violence. Perfect for the male readership.


If you want a thriller that has real world threats with a touch of the supernatural then you really have to read Jonathan Maberry’s work. It’s creative, it is cleverly thought out and when you add a real world feel to the events within it’s a story that will haunt as long you read leaving you feeling that something may have been added to the ink or pages to keep you hooked.

It’s well done as usual through the authors magical sleight of hand, the twists you don’t see coming and when you add a deliciously twisted mind to the work it’s a story that really is fascinating. Finally add to this, great prose, a great action hero that just keeps you glued alongside a pace that just won’t let up and it’s a satisfactory third addition to this cracking series.

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