Monday, 16 May 2011

CRIME REVIEW: Girl 4 - Will Carver

Release Date: 12/05/11


Detective Inspector January David has always put his professional before his private life, but the two worlds are about to clash horrifically as he visits his latest crime scene. He is confronted by a lifeless figure suspended ten feet above a theatre stage, blood pouring from her face into a coffin below. This gruesome execution is the work of an elusive serial killer. Three women from three different London suburbs, each murdered with elaborate and chilling precision. And as January stares at the most beautiful corpse he's ever seen, he detects the killer's hallmark. But Girl 4 is different: she is alive - barely. And January recognises her...


I love author debuts, especially one where its being circled as a real treat for fans of the genre concerned. However whilst this titles story arc was not only engrossing but fascinating it was all written from each characters individual point of view with each chapter named after the character that the readers following. Confused? Well you will be as whilst I did enjoy the title I did get confused as to who was who for each one and kept having to refer back to each chapters title the odd time to try and keep it straight in my head.

Don’t get me wrong, the story was definitely well thought out with the serial killer getting their own chapters alongside the chief investigator and the victims but having it all from the first point of view did leave me wondering which was which at certain points. The author knows how to think their way clearly through a plot, they know how to utilise prose and pace but with this many individual “I’s” then the reader may well struggle to finish.

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