Sunday, 22 May 2011

STEAMPUNK REVIEW: Pax Britannia: Ulysses Quicksilver 7: Anno Frankenstein - Jonathan Green

Release Date: 12/05/11


In 1998 Magna Britannia remains the undisputed superpower of the world whereas, since the Second Great European War, Hitler's Nazi party has been reduced to the status of an underground terrorist movement. But fifty-five years ago... The Nazis are at the height of their power. Much of Europe has fallen beneath their inexorable march, but with the automaton armies of Magna Britannia poised to invade and bring about a swift end to the war, Germany finds its resources stretched to the limit. What Hitler's legions need now is a miracle. And a miracle may be what they are about to receive; a gift from the future, something that should not exist in the year 1943, for one man has stolen fire from heaven. But another has followed him back from the future to ensure that history follows its pre-determined course. Ulysses Quicksilver finds himself in Anno Frankenstein where the bodies of the fallen are reconstructed and resurrected that they might fight again. Behind enemy lines, Ulysses Quicksilver must infiltrate the most heavily-defended fortress on the planet, and there face an age-old enemy one last time. Should he fail, history will be re-written and Ulysses Quicksilver will cease to exist, having never even been born at all.


One of Abaddon’s most inventive series out there is the Pax Britannia and no one does it so well as main author Jonathan Green. You get Steampunk, you get a dandy Flashman like hero and above all else you get a series with a story arc that is not only exciting but one that you just can’t put down.

This, the seventh outing for series hero Ulysses Quicksilver picks up where the last one left off with him flung through the time portal chasing Dashwood into the Second World War where the villain gives futuristic aid to the Nazi’s. Whilst Ulysses is usually the main character in this title he’s more secondary to his father (and also Agent of Magna Britannia, Hercules Quicksilver) takes the lead role and proceeds to keep the stiff upper lip and heroics on auto.

Add to this Dr Jekyll (who ala League of Extraordinary Gentlemen turns into the Hulk like Mr Hyde), the original creation of Baron Viktor Frankenstein as well as modern German interpretations named after the original Creator (the Frankenstein Corps) and it’s a title that really doesn’t let up. Finally add the twist of an ending that’s reminiscent of a certain popular in the late 80’s to early 90’s and it pretty much ticks all the boxes. As usual with the author the prose is neat and snappy, the characters a lot of fun to hang around and above all else the dialogue and tips of the hat to modern interpretations alongside other Steampunk outings make this series what it is. Definitely one to get in on the ground floor and work your way up although if you wish to start her you can do although you’ll miss a lot of the defining moments of our agents career to date.

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Linda said...

I like your review, you give a good idea of what the book is like and what you think of it. I have put the Ulysess Quicksilver series on my list of books to read.