Sunday, 8 May 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: The River of Shadows - Robert VS Redick

Release Date: 21/04/11


The latest novel in Robert V.S Redick's stunning and original fantasy epic is a taut race against time that takes the Chathrand across the seas in a desperate bid to stop the sorcerer Arunis unleashing the Swarm of Night. From the mysterious River of Shadows to the Infernal Forest, to the Island Wilderness Pazel and his companions face a phatasmogoric journey through altered relaities, a nightmare journey which offers glimpses of what might have been while taking them into the terror of what is to come. Will Arunis use the cursed Nilstone to end the world? This is a rich fantasy of nightmares and unexpected beauty and is proof positie that Redick is one of the most exciting new talents in fantasy.


All in this series, to date, has gone from strength to strength and whilst it’s a series that has done well on so many levels, it feels that it is the lack of character building that has really let it down. They’re pretty standard fantasy fare and its been a great shame to have this overrule the sheer talent presented within. As usual the description and worldbuilding is magnificent, the prose outstanding and its the double dealing and politics that really sell Roberts work. If you can get past the character flaws then this is definitely a series that has made its mark on the fantasy world.

Finally add a pretty good authorly voice to the mix and its definitely something to pick up in my opinion, yes the characters have problems but it’s the sheer passion and work within that make this a series worth pursuing for its engrossing nature as well as the cleverly woven arc within.

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