Sunday, 15 May 2011

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: Night Lords 2: Blood Reaver - Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Release Date: 12/05/11


A UNION OF CHAOS Driven on by their hatred of the False Emperor, the Night Lords stalk the shadows of the galaxy, eternally seeking revenge for the death of their primarch. Their dark quest leads them to a fractious alliance with the Red Corsairs, united only by a common enemy. Together with this piratical band of renegades, they bring their ways of destruction to the fortress-monastery of the Marines Errant. Their mission: to steal the loyalist Chapter's gene-seed, dooming them to a slow demise. THEY SEEK ONLY TO BRING DEATH


As a huge fan of the traitor marines I love a tale that brings them to the fore. Whilst others concentrate on the heroes, it’s the villains that, for me, can be the most fun as they can be as unpredictable as they like. What Aaron has done with perhaps this most well-known of Traitor Legions (The Night Lords) is interweave conspiracy, backstabbing and politics into a full no nonsense action packed title that will entertain and make many a reader think.

It’s well done, the combat as bloody as you like and to be honest he’s one of my favourite BL authors. Highly entertaining, a great read for a sunny day (although knowing Aaron don’t let too much light get on the pages as they might combust due the sheer volume of evil within) and all in a title that furthers not only the series but demonstrates why an author with a good understanding of pace, prose and what the reader wants will always triumph no matter which side he takes.

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