Monday 2 May 2011


Release Date: 28/04/11


A journalist gets himself to the front line by being chipped into the brain of a combat soldier...but when that soldier is killed, he has to take over the body and get himself back home again, broadcasting live on an open feed...


Dan Abnett is always an author who will turn up with an unexpected title. What he does extremely well is look into possibilities and then modifies them in such a way that they become not only believable but also engrossing. What happens in this, the latest title of Dan’s already varied catalogue, is a tale that takes the reader to a warzone through the use of technology. It’s tricky, it is bloody and above all else it’s a story of survival from the point of view of a character who really shouldn’t make it out of there alive. Add to this Dan’s unique authorly voice, great use of prose as well as pace and the reader has a real treat on their hands in this gripping and explosive story.

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