Saturday, 21 July 2012

HISTORICAL FICTION: Pirate Devlin 3: Blood Diamond - Mark Keating

Release Date: 19/07/12


Each Devlin novel is a standalone adventure. In BLOOD DIAMOND the fearles pirate captain Devlin is invited to London by the Prince of Wales, no less, and offered an amnesty if he will carry out a daring crime. Devlin is tasked with going to Paris to steal the biggest, most valuable diamond ever found - the Pitt Diamond - now in the possession of the French Prince Regent. Set against the unsure frenzy of speculation known as the South Sea Bubble, with action and suspense on the filthy streets and great palaces of London and Paris, not to mention an epic confrontation with the French navy in the English Channel, BLOOD DIAMOND is sthe most exciting novel yet in the Devlin series.


They say, all the good girls love a sailor, so obviously the bad ones, must love a pirate and to be honest its not just the bad girls, it’s the bad guys, so when Mark’s latest book landed I ripped the packaging off, grabbed a bottle of rum, so hard tack (OK, I’ll be honest it was ice cold Cherry Cola alongside a selection of choccy biscuits) and sat down.

What unfurled within was a story of high adventure, cracking action and of course the continual development of our lead hero as he seeks to grow in his own role. As with the previous instalments Mark continues to grow in his writing skill as each title continues to push him and its clear to see how its gone. The prose is top notch, the pace solid and with a character like Devlin on hand how can you not fall in love with the high seas. Great stuff.

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ediFanoB said...

Another intriguing book which made it to my list based on your mouth watering review.