Saturday, 30 March 2013

ARTS AND CRAFTS CUISINE REVIEW: Character Cake Toppers - Maisie Parrish

Release Date: 05/03/13
Publisher:  David and Charles


Character Cake Toppers: Learn how to make amazing fondant cake topper designs, with over 65 fun ideas for sugar characters, bases and accessories. Whether it's a pirate with his treasure chest and parrot, or a kitten with a comfy cushion and a ball of yarn to play with, each cake topper design has three unique features for you to make - use these individually or mix and match from different designs to create your own unique cake toppers! Basic cake decorating techniques are explained with clear illustrated step-by-step instructions, so everyone can make fun cake toppers for birthdays, weddings and any occasion! From Maisie Parrish, author of the bestselling Fun & Original series!


OK, this might seem like a strange book for someone like me, however having recently witnessed what happens when a grown man is left with royal icing and asked to make an octopus and starfish (yes Dad, I saw what you made for your Grandson’s cake) when the person viewing it couldn’t tell what it was (it was underwater themed and the Octopi left some people thinking it was some sort of weird spider) thought that it was about time to learn how to do it properly, so next year, people won’t be scared by the cake.

This book by Maisie brings a whole set of characters to life, whether you want to make an artist, a racing car or even a pirate with a treasure chest (amongst a host of others) in easy to manage steps from colouring the icing through to basic shapes and then moulding them, allowing the reader to create something spectacular with just a little time. It’s a great way to help you make something really special and whilst there is an outlay on some tools, if you look after then, they’ll last years.

All round a cracking book that will give you idea’s that when you’re comfortable with, that you can then modify to create different themes for those special people in your life. Great stuff. 

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