Wednesday, 27 March 2013

STEAMPUNK REVIEW: Lord Kelvin's Machine - James P Blaylock

Release Date: 22/03/13
Publisher: Titan  


Within the magical gears of Lord Kelvin's incredible machine lies the secret of time. The deadly Dr. Ignacio Narbondo would murder to possess it and scientist and explorer Professor Langdon St. Ives would do anything to use it. For the doctor it means mastery of the world and for the professor it means saving his beloved wife from death. A daring race against time begins...


I’ve been having a bit of a Steampunk binge recently and to be honest whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the first book the second left me feeling a little flat and whilst this book does a good job of traveling from A-B, sadly overall it seems to be going from believable Steampunk to completely unfathomable believability which put me off completely.

Don’t get me wrong the characters within are passable for the reader but when you find the title not only dragging but a story that you’d rather ended leaves me thinking that I won’t be embarking on another adventure with James for quite some time.

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