Sunday, 3 March 2013

WESTERN REVIEW: Resolution - Robert B Parker

Release Date: 01/03/13
Publisher:  Corvus


The dust has yet to settle in the new frontier town of Resolution. It's barely even a town: a general store, a handful of saloons and a run-down brothel for the workers at a nearby copper mine. No sheriff has been appointed, and gunslingers have taken control. Amid the chaos, itinerant lawman Everett Hitch has created a small haven of order at the Blackfoot Saloon. Charged with protecting the girls who work the back room, Hitch has seen off passing cowboys and violent punters - though it's his scheming boss, Amos Woolfson, who stirs up the most trouble. When a greedy mine owner threatens the local ranchers, Woolfson ends up at the centre of a makeshift war. Hitch knows only too well how to protect himself, but with the bloodshed mounting, he's relieved when his friend Virgil Cole rides into town. In a place where justice and order don't yet exist, Cole and Hitch must lay down the law - without violating their codes of honour, duty and friendship.


OK, I haven’t read Robert’s work before so when this title landed it was a bit of a surprise, don’t get me wrong, I love a Western but whilst it’s a genre that has seen more expansion in the Urban Fantasy setting these days, I’ve always been more of a fan of the films rather than the books.

So getting myself settled with nothing else to do for a day, I gathered up the supplies, circled the wagons and sat down to see what would occur within. What this book brought to the fore was a story that had some great characters, wonderful vividly imagined scenes and a story that moved at a reasonable pace throughout. You got cracking action sequences, top notch character interaction and of course a story arc that worked wonderfully well. When you add to this that it’s the second book in a trilogy, I didn’t feel the least bit phased and still managed to get a lot of enjoyment from it. So much so that I’m definitely passing it on to my Dad to enjoy.

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