Tuesday, 26 March 2013

SCI-FI REVIEW: Clone Rebellion 1: The Clone Republic - Steven L Kent

Release Date: 22/03/13
Publisher:  Titan


Private first-class Wayson Harris was raised among thousands of clones to be the ultimate soldier. But Harris isn't like the other Marines: he has a mind of his own. He figures he's paying for that when his first assignment is the smallest Marine outpost in the whole U.A. When a rogue general surfaces, the remote desert world Harris thought was a dead-end posting becomes anything but.


Whilst this book is new to the UK market it was originally released in the US in 2006. Whilst written a few years before, the book is definitely one that is in vogue at the moment as clones take the centre stage in brutal bloody combat to reach the objectives that those in power want. Death tally’s matter little and to be honest its this sort of hard core militaria mindset that really brings this book to life.

Told through the point of view of Harris, the lead character has a lot of facets that allow the reader to get hold of this bleak future with relative ease. Its works wonderfully well with cracking prose and were this a game I believe there would be a cult following in a very short time. (Which really isn’t that surprising as the author did start out in the game industry.) All round a solid enough beginning for a series and whilst the ending left you on a cliffhanger, I am lucky enough to be starting book two shortly. I just hope that the momentum built up in the first is matched in the second.

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