Friday, 15 March 2013

VIDEO GAME NEWS: Injustice: Gods Among Us Quarter Final Battles - DC and Warner Brothers Interactive

Hail Mighty Readers and Followers of the Calloused Thumbs,
We've just been telexed the latest results for the epic Quarter Final Battles that DC asked you to vote on last week.

And to be honest you really have to watch them, its definitely something worthy of the epic heroes and villains within.

So without further ado, here's this weeks first battle:

    Batman Vs WonderWoman Onto the second:  
Aquaman Vs Green Arrow   Battle 3:
 The Flash Vs The Joker Finally Battle 4:
   Superman Vs Green Arrow   Next Week see's the Semi Finals. If however you disagree with some of the winners remember you can fight it out yourself when: Injustice Gods Among Us is available on the 19th April for: Nintendo    Wii U       Playstation 3     Xbox 360 

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Mammayeo said...

The videos broke down while I was watching but I have to say this game is pretty cool and still on my list of games to grab when we have the cash. I know my nefew loves this type of game as well as Shawn and my BIL so I won't have a lack of people to play against. I have to say though Wonder Woman did a lot better with Batman then I was thinking she was going to do. Not to sound sexist just Batman looks so buff and has so many gagits Wonder Woman is alright but I def think Batman is tougher due to the villians he faces in his series and just cause he is more dark and bad ass then she is.
As always I enjoyed reading your review. Now I'm off to prove I'm not a robot and post this. :P