Sunday, 24 March 2013

WRITING ADVICE: The Writers Lab - Sexton Burke

Release Date: 30/11/12
Publisher:  Writers Digest


The Writer's Lab provides writers, journalers, and creatives (anyone with a desire to write, really) with a medium for playing around with prose, poetry, etc. There are no rules here - only creative prompts and plenty of room for writing, sketching, diagramming, and planning stories, essays, and more. The "Lab" is loaded with fun exercises that foster creativity and a love of writing, along with space to experiment with your craft and improve it. Want to plot a murder? You can do that here. Create the cast of characters for your next novel? There's room for that. Feel like designing your own planet? Try page 144. In the Lab, you can play, experiment, and explore the nuances of fiction without having to create anything more challenging than a page or two of content. It can be picked up or put down on impulse, available to inspire creative thinking and offer pure joy on demand.


Sometimes you have an idea that just forms and the inner writer just can’t help but sit down and get on with this epic project that your muse is forcing you to create with her point blank shotgun. Other times you want to sit down and relax to write something but cannot for the life of you think what you want to do.

At times like this, you need to reach for this book, it has a lot of questions and exercises that get your inner writer moving which not only helps you ask the right (or write) questions but gives you a whole host of new idea’s to explore as well as helping you improve the skills that you’re developing. It’s a great little tool and to be honest when dressed up in the fun way that they’ve done with this feels more like taking a break than doing any real work. All round a cracking title and one I’ll use each time I get stuck. Great stuff.

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