Friday, 29 March 2013

ARTS AND CRAFTS REVIEW: The Craft of the Knot - Peter Randall

Release Date: 30/11/13
Publisher:  Adams Media


A treasure trove of knot instruction and lore! The Craft of the Knot introduces you to the skill and beauty of knot tying. Filled with detailed instructions, history, and lore, you'll discover a wide range of uses for ordinary rope. From camping and climbing to crafts and sailing, this charming guide also includes knot illustrations for every occasion to show you how to master any tie. Whether you want to brush up on the basics of hitches and bends, or create complex and beguiling decorative knots, The Craft of the Knot provides you with the information you need to fasten the perfect knot every time.


With so many convenient tools to utilise to make things, there are a lot of the old skills that we’re starting to lose, whether it’s foraging or the ability to fix things (due to the mentality that its cheaper to buy a new one) it won’t be long before a lot of these skills are lost forever. One such skill is the art of the knot, something that every boy scout used to know and is quickly becoming restricted to people like sailors.

This book brings it all to the fore with its wonderful demonstration on how to tie as well as use each of the knots within and whilst you might not think that you need too many, there are some within such as the Butcher Knot that is definitely worth taking the time to learn so that you can quite easily create something special in your own kitchen.

All round this book is easy to use, has great illustrations and all round is a great item to keep referring to. So much so that I keep it on the top of my knapsack so that future camping expeditions will not only give be made easier, but the setting of things like a cooking utility about the camp fire will be a breeze. Great stuff.

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