Friday, 15 March 2013

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Judge Dredd: The Judge Child - John Wagner, Alan Grant and Brian Bolland

Release Date: 14/03/13


When Judge Feyy, Mega-city One's oldest pre-cognitive, has a vision of the city being destroyed in 2120, Judge Dredd and a select group of other Judges, including future Chief Judge Hershey, are sent on a mission to find the Judge Child. Apparently, young Owen Krysler may be the only one with the power to stop the apocalyptic event from ever happening. With the fate of the 'Big Meg' in the balance, Dredd will travel through the irradiated wastelands of the Cursed Earth and venture out into the depths of uncharted space to find him!


Its well know that I love spending time in the Big Meg hanging around Dredd and his Judges, so when I had the chance to explore the lands outside on a quest I jumped at the chance. What this novel brings is a typically epic Dredd tale and all round works well on so many levels, however my major complaint about this is the size of the book, its small and as such puts me off as I have a hell of a time reading the print. All round I can enjoy a good story but when I have to get a really bright light source and a magnifying glass to appreciate it to the max, I feel a little let down.

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