Friday, 1 March 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Short Story Ebook: Picking the Bones - Mike Lee

Release Date: 17/01/13
Publisher:  Black Library


In the wake of the Great Necromancer’s death, Arkhan the Black races to Nagashizzar to retrieve his old master’s tomes of knowledge. But Arkhan is not the only former pupil of Nagash seeking to usurp the fallen king’s power... As armies of the dead converge, the scene is set for a mighty showdown between old foes.


Double dealing necromantic storytelling by the chronicler of the undead for the Black Library. Its quirky, really brings the paranoia to a head and works wonderfully well for fans of the walking bones. Add to this some wonderfully descriptive prose to set the scene, some solid storytelling and backed up with characters that you really want to get out onto the battlefield to see how they perform.

Finally throw into the mix careful manipulation of the reader alongside the foes and a short story that is a real treat to dip into which all round makes this a cracking read.

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