Monday, 25 May 2009

ART BOOK REVIEW: Fairy Art: David Adams


Paint fairies in acrylic with this instructive book on every aspect of these magical creatures and their worlds. This comprehensive guide covers the basic supplies needed, colour theory, anatomy details, wings, poses, flowers, trees, butterflies, water and more. With over 25 step-by-step demonstrations, readers will learn how to paint everything from the smallest detail of the fairy to complete scenes.


If theres one thing that’s guaranteed to come up within the fantasy artists world, its having to create mystical winged humanoids, or to put it another way, a fairy. Figuring out the logistics for many is a nightmare leaving many intrepid artists either quaking in their boots at how to accomplish the beings or scratching their heads and trying to figure it out from what’s come before.

Within this book, the magical world of the fae steps from the pages within, accompanied by a reference guide for the artist in general that gives not only sound advice that have been learned after many years trials and errors by a master but also helps to bolster the novice’s confidence as they tackle these creatures. Add to the mix colour palettes tips, a guide to basic colour principles along with picture composition and depth perception and it’s a very nice book all round as well as giving advice for tackling other artistic projects.

Whilst in more modern times a number of artists have gone the raunchier route for these mischievous sprites, its was with relief that David Adams presented them in practical and beautifully composed scenes (such as flowered landscapes or settling in a bramble bush with a bird looking on.) Which allowed the viewer the chance to believe that there really are fairy’s awaiting our discovery in a Spiderwick environment

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