Wednesday, 20 May 2009

FANTASY REVIEW: Necroscope: Harry and the Pirates - Brian Lumley


Harry Keogh makes his long-awaited return as the Necroscope in these two novella length stories. Set during the fan-favourite Lost Years era of Keogh's career, these tales see the Necropscope do battle with horrors both real and imagined, eternal and ethereal. In For The Dead Travel Slowly, Harry Keogh's encounter with an old school friend leads to a fight for his very soul against an ancient evil lurking in the woods. Harry and the Pirates finds the Necroscope hearing the confession of a long-dead pirate but is all as it seems or is Harry being taken for a fool?


If you’ve followed Harry through all his struggles this might be a little bit of a disappointment as three of the six stories presented within this novel have previously been published. That said however, I hadn’t read them before so I was lucky with this release landing at a time when I’d only really just gotten round to searching for other tales by Brian on a recommendation of a friend. Its good fun, the character a full rounded identifiable person and above all doing what’s right regardless of the cost. Add to the mix pyrrhic victories, cracking adventure and above all an author who can please his audience and you really have something that will please the fan’s.

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Mihai A. said...

Although I have heard of Brian Lumley for a long time I didn't have the chance to read any of his novels (they are not available in Romania). But I'll add his novels on my future shopping lists :)