Thursday, 14 May 2009

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Turn Coat - Jim Butcher


Harry Dresden, professional wizard, has done his best to keep his nose clean where the White Council of Wizards is concerned. Even so, his past misdeeds have cast a constant shadow of suspicion over him in the eyes of the Wardens, those wizards responsible for enforcing the Laws of Magic. Now Dresden finds himself faced with a nightmarish dilemma: Morgan, formerly his chief persecutor among the Wardens, has been wrongly accused of treason against the White Council - and has come to Harry for help. Dresden faces a daunting task: clear Morgan's name while simultaneously hiding him from the Wardens and the supernatural bounty hunters sent to find him, discover the identity of the true turncoat and, of course, avoid accusations of treachery of his own. A single mistake may mean that heads - quite literally - will roll. And one of them could be his own ...


As mentioned in other reviews you really can’t beat Jim in modern urban fantasy as he really is the name to beat. The characters within the tale continue to grow along with the paranoia of the greater supporting cast as the idea’s of a black council that Harry’s been selling for years comes more the fore in this latest offering. Well written, heart rending, comical and above all a tale that demonstrates the ebb and flow essential to a truly great journey and you have a satisfactory story even though it will more than upset a number of the established fans.

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