Tuesday, 5 May 2009

FACTUAL REVIEW: Advanced Krav Maga - David Khan


From the American expert in the fitness and combat techniques of Krav Maga, a guide to real fighting techniques and rigorous conditioning. Based on the principles of using appropriate force and enhancing natural instincts for self-protection, anyone can master the moves of Krav Maga - regardless of strength, size, age, or gender. In this guide to advanced techniques, David Kahn explains: how to neutralise an opponent; essential footwork, positioning and manoeuvres; self-defence principles for women. By using common sense, taking basic precautions, and presenting yourself in a confident manner you can minimise the chances of being attacked. But if you are, David Kahn's lessons will help you to overcome your opponent and keep yourself safe. And the conditioning you will achieve by practicing these techniques will tone your muscles, improve your reflexes, and get you fit.


As a fan of the martial arts, I’m always interested to see the development of the new along with the ancient to the full potential. Here David Khan brings the Israeli Army’s hand to hand martial art to the masses with clear demonstrative purpose to allow an understanding perhaps unequalled by any other release. Its fascinating, it’s clear to understand with explanations that really are concise and to the point. An offering that will be invaluable to not only the martial artist or one who wishes to learn some basic defence techniques but also a book to be used for reference by other groups such as authors. An offering that’s understandable for a huge cross reference of the population and a fascinating book to boot.

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Michelle Muto said...

I've seen commercials and billboards advertising this. Interesting!