Monday, 4 May 2009

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Changeling - Steve Feasey


Trey thought he was an ordinary teenager. Then he meets a mysterious stranger, Lucien Charron - luminously pale, oddly powerful, with eyes that seem flecked with fire and skin that blisters in sunlight. Somehow Trey finds himself in a luxury London penthouse, like a Bond villain's lair. It's the heart of a sinister empire, built on the powers of the netherworld - werewolves, vampires, sorcerers, and djinns. And Trey himself has a power that's roaring to break free. Is he a boy or is he a beast?


A modern Urban Fantasy for a modern young adult audience whose principle protagonist really does step off the page and is identifiable by all young males who read the story. Written by Steve Feasey (who you’ll find an interview with on the site), it’s a tale of redemption, hidden pasts and above all doing what’s right for all as opposed to the individual. Add to the mix characters that just leap off the page and you really have a series to look forward to as they endeavour to do their best to aid each other in burgeoning friendships against the darkness that lurks within. Good stuff.

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