Tuesday, 12 May 2009

NEWS: John Jarrold Agency

John Jarrold kindly let us know about a couple of deals that he helped negotiate:

First of all Gollancz have purchased a Young Adult Fantasy series by Stephen Deas who burst onto the adult fantasy scene in March with his debut Adamantine Palace.

His new series will be interleaved with the adult fantasy with the first volume, The Thief-Taker's Apprentice, delivered in December for publication in early Autumn 2010. Currently Stephen is putting the finishing touches to King of the Crags, the second novel to follow on from Adamantine Palace.

Secondly, the US rights to Mark Charan Newton's forthcoming Nights of Villjamur have been sold to Del Rey. Chris Schluep said "I am so excited to be publishing NIGHTS OF VILLJAMUR, which is an absolutely wonderful book, and I’m very much looking forward to launching the U.S. career of an important and talented new writer in the field. I’m convinced that Mark has a bright future ahead of him; he’s one of those writers that you come across only on occasion..."

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