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FANTASY REVIEW: Felix and Gotrek Day - William King and Nathan Long

Gotrek and Felix Omnibus 1
After fleeing the authorities in the Imperial city of Altdorf, writer Felix Jaeger swears a drunken oath to the dwarf Gotrek Gurnisson to record his death saga. In the cold light of day, Felix’s worst fears are confirmed as he learns that Gotrek is a Trollslayer. Their travels throw them into a string of extraordinary adventures as Felix tries to survive his companion’s destiny.

Well if your a fan of the Black Library Warhammer world then the odds are you pretty much know the two principle protagonists either through their epic death quest (or rather Gotrek's Epic Death Quest, Felix is hoping to live through it) or from thier table top excursions from the Warhammer Fantasy Battle game. Here is the first book that features the two in a series of short stories that was to become thier humble beginnings. Definitely worth a read and with the short tales an easy to digest way to get into the series. Cracking stuff and great fun.

Set deep in the tunnels beneath the great city of Nuln, a dark evil has been unveiled. The foul skaven ratmen
will stop at nothing to bring chaos to the world above and fulfill the prophecies of their dark god. Having enlisted as sewer–jacks in the vain hope of keeping a low profile, Gotrek and Felix find themselves thrust into the thick of the action as they battle to foil the skaven’s dark schemes.


Another series of short stories featuring the double team of Felix Jaeger and Gotrek Gurnisson as they take on the might of the underempire of the Ratmen, who lead by their Grey Seer Thanquol (soon to have his own epic tale or Tail perhaps) seek the demise of the duo in any which way they can. Its fun, its got politics, it double deals and theres a great deal of the arterial stuff flowing as the slayers axe continues in its unquenchable thirst. Great stuff.

Gotrek & Felix join an expedition northwards to search for the long–lost dwarf hall of Karag Dum. Brand new edition with a stunning new cover.

The Third tale in the escapades of the duo and for the first time a complete story in one rather than a series of individual tales. It a
lso brings a host of unforgetable characters such as Malakai Makaisson and Snori Nosebiter (both Slayers themselves) as they journey to the Chaos Wastes to obtain fabulous Dwarven treasures from the hold of Karag Dum. What follows is a tale where the Skaven, chaos beasts and the slayers colide in an epic battle that more than one will come to regret and makes this the first full novel that really made the fans sit up and pay attention to the duo.

Gotrek and Felix Omnibus 2
Gotrek & Felix
are back aboard an arcane dwarf airship in search of a horde of gold – and its deadly guardian. Brand new edition with a stunning new cover.


Fresh from the Chaos wastes the duo seek to aid in the slaying of the might dragon Skjalandir who has awoken from his long slumber. Adding against the odds include the Orc's lead by Ugrek Manflayer and also Thanquol who continues to plot the duo's downfall. Add to the mix a touch of gold greed, doubting alternate heroes and a lovestory all into the mix and you've got a tale that will enthuse as well as take the reader on a journey of adventure worthy of the Slayer and his poet.

Storm clouds gather over the icy city of Praag as Gotrek & Felix stand against the raveging hordes of Chaos.

The chaos horde awaits the epic duo this time along with the Ice Queen, Katarina. An epic struggle ensues not just within the battle sequences but for the heart of the fair Ulrika between Felix and Max Schreiber the mighty battle wizard. Add to the mix a touch of the luckless Grey Seer Thanquol who has now been turned upon by his minion Lurk (who's built up his own army) and you have a story where worlds are set to collide and each character must fight for thier very soul.

Gotrek & Felix batt
le an ancient evil in darkest Sylvania. Failure could mean a new age of darkness throughout the Old World.

After dealing with the chaos horde and dark times are upon the city of Praag, the duo now have to face the undead as corpses drained of blood begin to appear on the city streets. Its touch and go as the duo set off to di
scover the cause which becomes an epic personal quest for Felix after the kidnapping of his love Ulrika by the very fiend that theyre seeking. A worthy tale and one that conjured up great enjoyment as the duo really do, what they do best.

Gotrek and Felix Omnibus 3
As the darkness gathers over the isle of Albion, foul creatures stalk the lands and the omens tell of a coming powerful enemy. Gotrek and Felix are compelled to fight the evil that terrorises the people before it can grow to threaten the whole world. With the aid of the high elf mage, Teclis, they must decipher and use the secrets of the Old Ones. Only then can they hope to vanquish the dark master.

Things have gone awry in the Warhammer world with each good race of the old world noticing that things have gone a bit pear shaped. Investigating the Chaos Sorcerers who last appeared in Beastslayer, Gotrek and Felix find themselves drawn into an epic struggle far beyond thier heads as another of the Warhammer worlds most famous wizards makes an ap
pearance, that of Teclis. United by a common bond and fighting the ancient hatred that flows through thier veins Gotrek and Teclis seek to put right what went wrong as an ancient evil is awoken by the chaos sorcerers seeking to undo what the ancients put in place. An epic worthy of investing in as the tale really will appeal to fans of Warhammer the world over.


Gotrek & Felix arrive back to the southern coast of the Old World to discover that the orcs are running rampant. With the Empire’s armies desperately fighting off a major Chaos invasion further inland, the lands are laid bare. To honour an ancient pledge, Gotrek agrees to help a dwarf prince reclaim his hold from the savage greenskin invaders who have overrun it, but the intrepid heroes find more than they bargain for in the cold depths of the mountains.


Back in the old world after their last excursion into the mist enshrouded world of Albion, Gotrek and Felix are back where a Dwarf loves to be, fighting the Greenskins in a battle set to light the world as an oath made long ago, returns to haunt the slayer. What makes this tale really enchanting is the way that the reader gets some backstory on Gotrek which makes him all the more mysterious and thus more of an enigma. Cracking stuff.

More rollicking adventure featuring the Black Library’s favourite fantasy duo.

Now back in t
he Empire following their sojourn overseas, Gotrek and Felix head north, to aid the men of the Empire in their fight against the invading Chaos hordes. Stopping off in Nuln, they meet up with dwarf engineer Malakai Makaisson, who is helping the Imperial war effort by transporting cannons to the frontline on his airship, the Spirit of Grugni. After a series of nasty accidents, it becomes clear that saboteurs are at work – can our heroes find the villains in time to save the day?

Nathan Long follows the huge success of Orcslayer with another action–packed instalment!

“Stand back, manling. This one’s mine…”

The continuing saga of the Warhammer worlds most prolific characters, the Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson and his "Rememberer" Felix Jager. Highly inventive and the fact that Nathan has taken over from Bill King really doesn't show in the writing style. The characters have remained the same, their speech always flowing well and the epic adventure contained within each novel will keep the reader glued to the very last page. The fact that their major adversary is still running (or should that be skittering) along really does aid and keep the reader more than happy a
llowing us all to see that the world to which these characters inhabit is not only deadly but that theres no such thing as a guaranteed outcome.

Dwarf Trollslayer Gotrek and his human companion Felix Jaeger, Warhammer’s most famous pair of heroes, head off to a new adventure in the latest novel of this best–selling fantasy series.

Gotrek and Felix reluctantly travel to Marienburg to fulfil a last request from Felix’s dying Father, however a chance meeting with their old acquaintance Max Schreiber sends them in a different direction entirely and right into the heart of danger. The Imperial wizard has been sent north to investigate some disturbing magical phenomena off the northern coast of the Empire. Pretty soon, the heroic duo and their companions find themselves caught up in a new adventure, fighting for their lives against the dark elves!


There aren't many fans of the Warhammer world that don't know of the exploits of Felix and Gotrek that's been thrilling fans since its original release in 1999 (although the tales that appear in Trollslayer were released in the 80's). If you haven't heard of the duo then Gotrek is the biggest failure as a Slayer known to the dwarves (basically because he's still breathing) who has battled everything from Trolls to Daemons, the Greenskins to Undead along with Dark Elves and Dragonkind. Here in their latest adventure (written by Nathan Long) they fight the Dark Elves who seek to retrieve one of the lost treasures of the elves and bring about the fall of the world. Wonderfully written with cracking dialogue it shows that whilst Nathan is relatively new to the characters, he has a made them his own bringing them to a new generation. As usual with Nathan's writing, its bolshy, its combat packed and above all it's a gripping ride to the last page.

And now a chance to glimpse at the next novel in the series, that of Shamanslayer, so heres the book p0rn to assail your senses with. Astute readers will also know that there is an audio novel for the series entitled Slayer of the Storm God. Since thats not part of the written series it has currently been ignored from this series of reviews.

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