Wednesday, 20 May 2009

FANTASY REVIEW: The Born Queen - Greg Keyes


War is coming. With the usurper Robert Dare having fled, Princess Anne has finally ascended to the throne to the Kingdom of Crotheny, but it may already be too late to stop the approaching destruction. Dark monstrosities prowl the countryside, and as the holter Asper soon discovers, the Sedos power that granted humanity its freedom may now be responsible for the corruption that will eventually destroy it. As the combined forces of Hansa and the Holy Church mass against the Queen they claim to be an unnatural shinecrafter, Anne's mother Muriele sets out on an embassy of peace to Hansa, accompanied by the knight Sir Neil MeqVren.But, there is more to Muriele's mission than first appears, a fact that puts both of them at the mercy of Hansa's unstable king, and the unkillable Robert Dare. The world has been poisoned, and only the one who gains control of the legendary Sedos Throne can heal it. Anne knows that it must be her, but as she embraces her powers, and the violent impulses they bring, she finds herself changing. Only she can stand against the forces that threaten Crotheny, but the cost of her victory may be too great for the world to bear...


If I'm going to be blunt here I do feel that the last part in Greg's series was a let down. After building up the series over the past three books, this final instalment was not only rushed but seemed to try and tie itself up with a nice big bow and as such it really didn't work for me. I'd have rather heard that the series was going to carry on for another couple of instalments and had the tale eek itself out a bit further to allow for character growth along with allowing the plot to develop further rather than the rushed version we seem to have here. It's a great shame as to be honest it's a series I've enjoyed but to lose it all after such careful painstaking world left me feeling that either the author had grown bored with the world or was just hurrying to fulfil his contract.

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