Thursday, 14 May 2009

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: An Awful Beastly Business: Bang Goes a Troll - The Beastly Boys


When a messenger bat arrives at the RSPCB, Ulf the werewolf receives news of trouble in the wild. Trolls are being smoked out of their mountain home for use in a beast-hunting range. Can Ulf stop the troll hunt, or will he be hunted too? The future of the RSPCB depends on him...


If you want adventure for a younger reader and a tale that brings the conservation message home then you really can’t beat this series of books by “The Beastly Boys.” Its entertaining with a protagonist that the reader can get behind especially when he outwits the principle antagonist. Highly novel with its use of monsters as the endangered creatures of the world it really is a high octane read especially when backed up with the artistic talent within. A definite recommendation as my nephew loved hearing the story with the others of the series being firm favourites.

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