Friday, 19 June 2009

ART BOOK REVIEW: Graff - Scape Martinez


With original colour illustrations, "GRAFF" provides the basics of creating legally sanctioned graffiti, a style that's been around for many years but has become more popular lately. It discusses roots in vandalism and its separation from those roots to the art form as we know it today - dynamic, over-the-top styles that deliver maximum impact with the same sense of creative risk graffiti writers have always taken on. Readers get real instruction for creating graffiti-style art, from sketching ideas based on design principles, to the basics of developing letter forms, to handling spray paint, to step-by-step demos for different types of compositions.


As a huge fan of the Impact series of How To art books I wanted to get to know the artform that made Banksy a household name. What was staggering was the detail to which Scape Martinez went into for the whole thing taking the reader from beginning concept to colours, from effects to the finished product explaining everything including techniques used by various artists in great detail along with a huge selection of photo’s to back his POV. Its gripping, its compelling and you’ll want to tackle a project of your own, however, one thing I will advise, is to make sure its your own wall or get permission from your local council, who if they refuse permission, will generally know of an ongoing project within your area where you’ll be allowed to practice street art legally.

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