Friday, 12 June 2009

COMPETITION: Win with Falcata Times

You have the chance to win one of five copies of each of these books and to do so couldn't be easier. Plus there are two ways for you to enter.

The first and perhaps easiest method is for you to answer each question associated with the author of each novel, the second is to post the comp on your blog or a message board, letting people know about it and also to send in a link to us. Send all entries to the usually addy which is drosdelnoch (at) hotmail (dot) com with the subject heading of Highwayman Competition or Zoe's Tale Competition.

You can enter only once per question but as many times as you link to the comp in blogs or forums, provided you include a linky to us about where its appeared.

Onto the questions:

To win a copy of The Highwayman by RA Salvatore answer this question:
RA Salvatore is best known for which Character:
1) Branson Garibond
2) Drizzt Do'Urden
3) Cadderly

To win a copy of the new Scalzi book, Zoe's Tale, tell us what was the title of the novel for which he's best known?
1) Old Man's War
2) Metatropolis
3) Uncle John Presents Book of the Dumb

The closing date is June 30th, 2009.

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Selestial said...

I entered both, just because I'm selfish like that ;-)