Thursday, 4 June 2009

HORROR REVIEW: Found You - Mary SanGiovanni


In the small town of Lakehaven, Sally, stalked by a creature straight out of her nightmares that thrives on her fear and guilt, desperately tries to stop the madness before others perish at the hands of this faceless evil. Original.


When I got this book I took one look at the front cover and just left it as it looked tacky and cheap, add to that the novels short and uninspiring title put it firmly to the bottom of my reading pile. After a while and after having drained the reading selection to the absolute slush at the bottom I decided, out of pure desperation that I’d give it a go noting in the first few pages that this was a sequel and without having read the first novel I nearly put it straight back into Dante’s book hell for another time.

However I persevered and when it came to the description of the “Hollower” I noted that the character appeared to be similar to Freddy Kruger. This made me pay attention as to be honest with you I’m a huge fan of the Nightmare series and what unfolded after those first few pages was a fast paced, well written and damn scary book. I have never been scared of a book before but this gave me the creeps. The characters in it were excellently put together, the torment that they suffer is terrifying and whilst it isn’t gruesome the author went for the psychological aspect through the use of things like dead relatives. Add to the mix a classic cross reference of society within the social group and right from the start it swept me off my feet. I definitely will be reading the other books in this series and will bookmark this author for immediate reading upon landing. If this is a sequel I really can’t imagine how good the first one was. Binn Bear has never been the same since.

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