Monday, 15 June 2009

SCIENCE-FICTION REVIEW: Century Rain - Alastair Reynolds


Three hundred years in the future, Verity Auger is a specialist in the archaeological exploration of Earth, rendered uninhabitable after the technological catastrophe known as the Nanocaust. After a field-trip to goes badly wrong, Verity is forced to redeem herself by participating in a dangerous mission, for which her expertise in invaluable. Using a backdoor into an unstable alien transit system, Auger's faction has discovered something astonishing at the far end of a wormhole: mid twentieth-century Earth, preserved like a fly in amber. Is it a window into the past, a simulation, or something else entirely? CENTURY RAIN is not just a time-travel story, nor a tale of alternate history. Part hard SF thriller, part interstellar adventure, part noir romance, CENTURY RAIN is something altogether stranger.


This is a firm favourite of mine amongst the current batch of reissues. It’s definitely a modern classic in my book and blends classic Science with the thriller genre as the tale brings together an unseemingly disconnected selection of events and delivers something that is beautifully constructed along with executed. It’s a great book and one that will fully immerse the reader in the experience and if you’re only going to read one of this reissue selection make it this one. It clearly show’s why Reynolds has become a firm fan favourite.

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