Tuesday, 16 June 2009

FANTASY REVIEW: Reiksguard - Richard Williams


The Reiksguard knights are entrusted with the sacred duty of the Emperor's protection from foes within and without. Under the command of Marshal Kurt Helborg, the Reiksguard live and breathe their code of loyalty, courage, strength and honour.

But in the midst of a ruinous war, the young knight Delmar von Reinhardt discovers that this most venerated order hides deadly secrets.

Battling an unholy alliance of a goblin warlord and an ogre tyrant, Delmar must unearth the truth no matter which noble knight he should find at its heart.


With recent offerings from the Black Library theres always been something to tickle the readers taste buds by offering the reader something a little different from the norm. Here we follow the exploits of one of the Empires most famous knightly orders through the eyes of an initiate who after a rigorous training and initiation explored his own failings along with learning the truth of his fathers death. Its well written, it’s thought provoking but above all its about the unification of a bond of outcasts into one order who will listen to each other or at least have a mutual respect for one another. Good fun, cracking offering which encourages the more uplifting and highly regarded nobleness of mankind.

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