Tuesday, 23 June 2009

FANTASY REVIEW: The Colour of Magic/The Light Fantastic: Anniversary Edition - Terry Pratchett


There was a time when no one knew about the Discworld, a huge disc supported by five elephants standing on the enormous giant turtle known as the Great A'tuin . . . Rincewind was a perfectly ordinary failed wizard until he met Twoflower, the Discworld's very first tourist, and before he quite knew what had happened, he found himself employed, at an outrageous salary, as Twoflower's guide to this strange world. They started off in the Disc's oldest conurbation: proud Ankh and pestilent Morpork, the twin city known as Ankh-Morpork. Before too long the irrepressible Twoflower and Rincewind, who is both inept and cowardly, are forced to flee from the city. They meet up with an increasingly colourful cast of characters as they find themselves spending too much of their time being shot at, terrorised, chased, hanging from high places with no hope of salvation, or plunging from high places (likewise, with no hope of salvation) . . . THE COLOUR OF MAGIC continues in THE LIGHT FANTASTIC, where an event is happening way overhead, far above the elephants and A'Tuin, where the very fabric of time and space is about to be put through the wringer.


If you’ve not heard of Terry Pratchett then you must surely have been living in a cave with your fingers in your ears singing La, La, La at the top of your lungs. For everyone else the well established authors latest offering is something of a god send in case you didn’t purchase these two novels in their original format as Transworld releases these two tales in a hardback format. And if your going to be honest it’s a must own in this format as the amount of rereads that these books go through mean that I personally have worn out about three copies of each. (Great for Terry’s pocket, not so good for mine.) Here I got to enjoy the adventures or Rincewind and Twoflower in a nostalgic moment before rereading the entire series again. Here’s hoping that they’ll keep doing this with other novels in the series.

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