Monday, 15 June 2009

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Three Unbroken - Chris Roberson


Three Unbroken is the next epic novel in the Celestial Empire sequence and details the explosive war between the Chinese and Aztec empires as they battle for control of the red planet, Fire Star. Based on the sixty-four elements of the I-Ching, this novel follows the lives of three soldiers from their induction into the armed forces to their eventual fight for survival on the front line…


Solaris really is a publisher who offers alternate books to the mainstream of most of the UK publishers. What is refreshing about this is that a tale will often bring something new and different to the readers market and whilst some of it isn’t as appreciated today as it could be, it does present the reader with perhaps a glimpse into the future that no one else has dared dream.

In this offering, Chris Robertson presents the reader with a future where the Chinese are in control of mankind and tells the tale from three different points of view, that adds a greater depth as well as flavour of the world through the principle protagonists point of views. Its cracking and whilst the battles are quite sparse it is a tale that will keep you occupied and gripped to the last page to understand how the world will function in a believable offering of a bleak future. Well written and lovingly crafted this will be a book that you’ll either love or hate for its departure from the norm within the genre. Definitely an author to watch for future tales.

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