Tuesday, 16 June 2009

MISC, SCI-FI REVIEW: The Alien Survival Handbook - WH Mumfrey


Ask yourself: Are you ready for an alien invasion? When it happens, will you find yourself helpless to resist? This book teaches readers the skills they need to battle hostile visitors from outer space, covering everything from escape strategies to improvised weaponry. Helpful line drawings illustrate defensive techniques and pinpoint weaknesses within the alien anatomy. With a blend of humour and pop culture mythology, "The Alien Invasion Survival Handbook" is everyone's must-have guide to combating the extraterrestrial menace in day-to-day situations.


When this book landed I’d hope it would do for Alien Invasions what the Zombie Survival book did for the groaning, shuffling, undead. Not only did it meet my expectations but passed them though its clever use of diagrams and wit and above all gave me a very enjoyable trip through some of the 50’s B Movies that made the genre so popular. Its fun, its quirky and above all its written tongue in cheek in such a way that you can’t help but chuckle at this essential guide in case they do invade. If you’re a fan of everything from ET to Fiend without a Face (If you haven’t seen this then it’s a must,) then this is the book for you with tips from everything useful from fight tips like the eye gouge to how to hide although some useful phrases in Jawa might have been nice. You never know when you might have to buy a used speeder. LOL

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