Monday, 22 June 2009



Sprung from a prison in the centre of a star, the universe's last criminal is employed to kill the population of a planet. It is a crime that will tear apart an interstellar utopia. Keeping ahead of detection and preparing the crime, the killer voyages to numerous worlds and hones the instincts required for murder. And wonders who is behind the contract. Roberts' new novel is an extraordinary fusing of ideas, exotic locations, personal drama and an enquiry into the nature of crime in a society that thinks it has forgotten how to commit it.


Another classic offering from Gollancz and really has made this a great month for Science Fiction . Well written, this first person examination into a future from a sociopath’s point of view. Cunningly crafted and above all a tale that will grip you not only with the lovingly crafted characters within but with the plausibility of the world for which they all inhabit with the only draw back being the tale nicely tied up with a big bow in the final chapter. Its definitely worth a read and a tale that will set the bar high for the sheer quality within.

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