Friday, 27 August 2010

ARTS AND CRAFTS REVIEW: Simple Sewn Gifts - Helen Philipps

Release Date: 27/08/10


25 sewn gifts that are quick to make and lovely to receive make the perfect presents when you're short of time and ideas. It uses modern fabrics, sewing, applique, patchwork and stitchery. Gifts for friends, family and home are all here, including Christmas gifts. It is perfect for experimenting with new techniques supported by step artworks, templates and charts.


With the price of things constantly going up, there are times when you wish that you could give your friends and relatives something a little different that is more personal than one of the mass consumer items out there. Within this offering there are a lot of idea’s of things that you can make that will add a person touch to someone’s special day.

Whilst these aren’t the simplest of things (I’m speaking as an amateur here), they are practical and if you’ve got the time and patients, something that you can help your child make so that Grandparents have something special that the child will be proud of. With idea’s for all the year round there’s always going to be something that will please the recipient. A real gem of an offering and one that will have sewing machines humming and hand stitchers thimbling.


Pat Hollett said...

Interesting book. I love 'how to' books, especially crafts and cooking and I'm always looking for new ones to buy. Thanks for the insight. It's helpful when I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Your comments are always insightful and honest. Thank you :)

Jessica Peter said...

Looks cute! I wonder how it would be for someone non-amateur who makes things constantly.. (er... like myself ;) )