Tuesday, 31 August 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Monarchies of God 3-5: The Century of the Solidier - Paul Kearney

Release Date: 24/06/10


THE TIME OF THE WOLF IS AT HAND... Struck down in his moment of victory, Hebrion's young King Abeleyn lies in a coma, his city in ruins and his fiancée and former lover vying for the throne. Corfe Cear-Inaf, now a colonel, is given a ragtag command of ill-equipped savages and sent on a hopeless mission by a jealous King who expects him to fail. Richard Hawkwood and Lord Murad return bearing news of horror on a savage new continent, with something terrible lurking in the hold. The Church is tearing itself apart, even as the champions of truth fight to bring peace between Ramusian and Merduk; but in the far West, a terrible new threat is rearing its head... The Century of the Soldier collects the final three books in Paul Kearney's explosive The Monarchies of God series, revised and expanded for this edition: The Iron Wars, The Second Empire and Ships From The West.


OK, you’ve heard great things about this author’s Monarchies of God quintent and you’ve just devoured the first omnibus release by Solaris but are impatient for the next part, well worry no longer as the next three titles are released here. As with the first compendium it’s beautifully put together, the authors writing style is strong and where some felt that the final offering was a bit choppy, the author has gone back and tidied it up for this edition. It’s a real gem and talk about value for money, you really can’t be bit for what you’d have paid for all five of these titles in this incarnation.

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