Wednesday, 4 August 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Dragongirl - Todd McCaffrey


Shortly after Fiona's return to Fort Weyr, three Turns older and wiser, her queen, Talenth, is infected with the dreaded sickness that has consumed so many of Pern's precious fire-breathing dragons. Talenth's recovery and the recovery of all the other dragons of Pern is delivered by the unflagging efforts of Lorana and Kindan at Benden Weyr - but their one vital clue is only bought with the loss of all the dragons of Telgar Weyr. Fiona is sent to relieve the distressed weyrfolk of the now-dragonless Weyr. When her queen, Talenth, rises to mate, Fiona finds herself not only Telgar's senior Weyrwoman but in the center of the dilemma that confronts all Pern - how can the one thousand fighting dragons do the job of three thousand? And, if they can't, how long will it be before all of Pern is consumed by Thread?


Part of the problem with an established series is that the author has to inject something new every so often and unfortunately when the world was designed by another author you are very limited to what you can do. That said Todd McCaffrey has tried to add that additional flair to his writing. In this, his new offering to the world of Pern, Todd has brought the key elements of what made his mother a name in the genre to the fore and added his own take with the depth of characters that inhabit the world. Whilst it isn’t anything new, it does do what readers want and presents more of the same of whats come before. If you like that, then get this title, if you want something a little more fresh to the genre then this offering won’t be to your taste.

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