Tuesday, 17 August 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: The Ragged Man - Tom Lloyd

Release Date: 19/08/10


Continuing the powerful epic that started with THE STORMCALLER; the Lord Isak is dead, his armies and entire tribe in disarray. It falls to King Emin to continue the war alone, and the Menin are only too happy to meet his challenge. In Byora, Ruhen is developing his 'Saviour' persona. The Harlequins start preaching in his name and many of the pilgrims who flock to him are recruited to be 'Children', disciples who spread Ruhen's message. All over the Land people are starting to see Ruhen as the answer to their troubles. A showdown is coming: battle lines are finally drawn and the atrocities quickly mount. The spectre of the Great War looms, but in this age the Gods cannot and will not come to King Emin's aid. With the peoples of the Land turning against Emin and his few remaining allies, their only chance for survival lies in the hands of a dead man.


If you thought that Book Three was pretty good then you’re just going to love the fourth offering. You get characters that continue to grow and having to fill shoes that were left empty after the last instalment which makes this something that really will grip the readers imagination. Whilst I have been following the series since its original inception a few years ago, I like to have a reread prior to starting the new title to not only refresh my memory but to get the full reading pleasure from the book. Within this title you get everything that makes Tom a name but also a maturing writing style as the series carries wending its bloody way through your mind. It’s well written, the characters gripping but above all else it’s the twists as well as politicking that make this a title to savour.

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