Monday, 23 August 2010

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Warhammer 40k: The Chapters Due - Graham McNeill

Release Date: 27/05/10


Having defeated the forces of the tau on the planet of Pavonis, Captain Uriel Ventris returns to Macragge. But war is unending in the life of a Space Marine, and Ventris finds himself thrust back into battle against the nemesis of the Ultramarines- the Iron Warriors, led by renegade Warsmith Honsou. Will Ventris be able to overcome his greatest test to emerge victorious, or will the Ultramarines suffer a disastrous defeat from which they might not recover?


Having recently been part of the David Gemmell award, I’ve been chasing through my backlog of authors that I’ve enjoyed to see if I’ve missed any titles by the nominees. Alas, I was to discover that I’d forgotten about this offering from May so thought that I’d best read this sooner rather than later.

Whilst the Warhammer 40k Universe may not appeal to everyone, it’s a gritty, down and dirty WW1 type of struggle where mankind battles against not only itself but also xeno’s in an unprecedented scale. Graham writes about a group of super soldiers known as Space Marines and in particular one celebrates band of brothers known as the Ultramarines. It’s gritty with huge amounts of fire fight combat and a cast of characters that you keep a careful eye upon as this is a series that plays for keeps.

It’s inventive, it’s pretty bloody and if you put the futuristic angle to one side, a tale that will be enjoyed by many a war story reader.

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