Thursday, 26 August 2010

HUMOUR: Dear Sparkle - Sparkle the Cat

Release Date: 27/08/10


'Our pet sitter smells weird. Is there any way to make her less stinky?'. 'My humans like to sleep when it's obviously the best time to play! Have any ideas for how to wake them up?'. Now cats everywhere can get solutions to their most pressing problems - straight from the mouth of a pointed puss! Featuring 70 Q&As, 'Sparkle Says' sidebars, and full-color photos throughout, "Dear Sparkle" is definitely not your usual human-written cat book. Sparkle the Cat gets what troubles her furry friends and offers insight laced with tough love. Whether it's a confused kitty who doesn't understand why he's supposed to stay off the couch, a cat who's furious because the new puppy ate his catnip stash, or a freaked-out feral who wants to return to the wild, Sparkle has the sage - and often hilarious - answer for their woes.


If you’re a cat fancier or just a fan of the quirky who finds fun things online, then the odds are you’ve come across Sparkle the Cat, famed advice columist for the Feline World. Brought together for the first time in this title, is a selection of letters where our feline friends find ways to deal with the issues arising from lack of communication or understanding of Catiquette from the human point of view (or rather lack of correct human training as Sparkle herself admits.)

It is humorous and it’s a great format to keep the reader interested addressing many of the issues of Human/Cat conflict. Whilst the odd reply is serious (such as the one that mentions harmful chemicals in cleaner products) the vast majority explain a lot of issues that are easily overlooked. All in, its fun, it has great advice and it isn’t stuffy like a lot of cat expert titles out there. My only real issue is the way that some of the letters are on one page and you have to turn over to view the reply, for me, I’d have preferred them to be on the same page.

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