Monday, 16 August 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Fuller Memorandum - Charles Stoss

Release Date: 01/07/10


Bob Howard is an IT specialist and field agent for the Laundry, the branch of Her Majesty's secret service that deals with occult threats. Overworked and underpaid, Bob is used to his two jobs overflowing from a strict nine to five and, since his wife Mo has a very similar job description, he understands that work will sometimes follow her home, too. But when 'work' involves zombie assassins and minions of a mad god's cult, he realises things are spinning out of control. When a top-secret dossier goes missing and his boss Angleton is implicated, Bob must contend with suspiciously helpful Russian intelligence operatives and an unscrupulous apocalyptic cult before confronting the decades-old secret that lies at the heart of the Laundry: what is so important about the missing Fuller Memorandum? And why are all the people who know dying ...?


I’ve always got a lot of enjoyment from titles by Charles Stoss, here in the third offering in his Laundry series the author continues to do what he does well, the humour is crisp, the writing pretty addictive and you know damn well that you’re going to get exactly what you want. Whilst some of the humour may seem to have been recycled from the previous two its still top notch and something that very few Sci-Fi authors do well. This title is a real treat and something different to the vast majority of titles out there, however don’t pick this up if you haven’t read the previous two as you’ll be missing something special. If you haven’t read any of Charles books to date but love authors like Tom Holt, then you may well want to give this guy a go, a real summer holiday break from the mundane.

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